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    I EXSIST. Tumblr is now owned by yahoo?

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    So, the president’s student loan reform is more important than ever. Here’s what it does - you need to tell every voter where you live about this - it lowers the cost of federal student loans. And even more important, it gives students the right to repay those loans as a clear, fixed, low percentage of their income for up to twenty years. Now, what does this mean? What does this mean? Think on it. It means no one will ever have to drop out of college again for fear they can’t repay their debt. And it means that if someone wants to take a job with an honest income - a teacher, a police officer - if they want to be a small town doctor in a little rural area, they won’t have to turn those jobs down because they don’t pay enough to repay the debt. Their debt obligation will be determined by their salary. This will change the future for young Americans!

    Everyone should care about this.

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    2 years ago

    Little bit

    To whoever is listening,

    I hope you’re well. I am doing quite alright for myself. Taking care of things, living life, trying to get by.

    25, what on earth am I going to do?

    Listening to the world complain as I try not to but seem to, I have come to realize that my heart is consumed in something I never really realized.

    I hate answering questions. I don’t know if I’m dating, I don’t know if I’m with someone. Honestly I like being by myself but in the company of those who make it good company. Why is it such a big deal? Why do people care so much?

    I have trust issues, oh yeah oh yeah. I mean, I dont like to talk about feelings because I don’t like awkward. I would rather push them aside for when the time is right. I catch myself thinking about others more than I think of myself. Why? Because I’m a lover. I love to love.

    I don’t like to use that word, I don’t know how. I’m so taken back by the thought of love. EVEN THOUGH, I wish someone could love me.

    It’s tough, I’m tough. I may also be a little insecure, crazy, temperamental. 😔. Confidence is a huge deal and well, I had it. Then I thought about how I felt, if they felt the same. I don’t like to speak up. I shouldn’t have to.

    I despise the feeling of being ‘played’. Talk about the worst feeling ever. When you know it, but you just don’t say anything. But then is that insecurities getting in the way?

    I am a wonderful, strong willed woman with ambitions, goals, and standards. I am full of so much love it’s sickening.

    I feel even telling you I miss you crosses a line that should not be crossed unless guided by you.

    La la la la love, oh.

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    slowly falling backwards.


    i don’t think i have enough time but,

    WHY AM I EMOTIONAL. so bad for today. 

    I THINK, i feel, that someone may have been playing me for a fool?

    well, i mean, i don’t know. the internet is clearly not the place to rant about it and i hate that i well, forget it. i dug. i shouldnt have. 


    to be honest, i wish i could trust.

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    Spaghetti Container With Built-In Portion Controls


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    I hate evesham twp. Now that I have a dent in my perfect record (minus traffic) I am now a slave to the twp for a year. Well I mean for as much as I would love to tell them to suck it, I well, fuck. I hate my life.

    Just today, I knew today was coming. I was prepared the first time, this time I just want to rage. I want to blow this place to the ground but save the library.

    I’ve been waiting to find out how much I have to pay and get my pro papers.

    I am disagreeing with myself at the moment because I have to stop doing what I love but I mean it’s not that big of a deal. But it is.

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    Songza app ftw.

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    This is about to happen. Thank god. This is why there is no need for cable. Thank you Netflix for finding what my brain didn’t know it really wanted. Best boyfriend ever. #netflix #esotsm #eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind #instafav #orange #clementine (Taken with instagram)

    This is about to happen. Thank god. This is why there is no need for cable. Thank you Netflix for finding what my brain didn’t know it really wanted. Best boyfriend ever. #netflix #esotsm #eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind #instafav #orange #clementine (Taken with instagram)







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    Stacy, stop explaining yourself. By the end of it, no one fucking cares!

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    I keep forgetting I have tumblr on this fabulous iPhone that I said I would never purchase.

    Well, bitches, I have never hooked this sucker up to a computer because I won’t until I own one and I don’t so I won’t. Ha. I still haven’t gotten used to the whole iPhone phenomenon but I mean, I love it. Obviously.

    I need a new moleskine. But the reporter kind that flips upward. Ya. Love it.

    Oh, I adore the crap out of you. Out of nowhere. You’re fucking fabulous btw. I can’t get enough of it.

    Frontin, stop. Pharelle. LOL. Let me talk to em, I’m gon keep it real. Btw that song is so good. Fact. If you hear the beat and don’t bop your head, get the f outta here.

    New level. French inhale.

    So apparently snoop and wiz did a mix tape and I have no way of downloading that shit. Unless I can on my unrooted iPhone. 👎

    I’m on a nonstop money making hustle till June 13th my day of rest at the Radiohead with Estevan. It’s going to be so wicked. My mind can not even fathom the thought of how good this is going to be. And with the best company.

    Robin & Britt I miss you, Mom I love you. To the rest, I think of you all, all the time. So much love in the atmosphere from me.

    Namaste, fly.

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    Back in action

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